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     špenát    Спанаћ​ SpinatSpanac  ispanakhi/ ისპანახი



    +A)  Description, varieties, aroma, taste,...


    Napravljeno pomoću Padleta 

    B) Real and Art Picture (+ information about the artist)

    C) In 10 steps how to grow a spinach

    D) In which countries worldwide is it grown (produced)? Cultivation history

                History of Spinach:

    • His parent was home to Southwest Asia, specifically Persia. Through Syria and Arabia was given to North Africa and from there around 1100 in Spain, from where it spread to the whole of Europe at about 14.storočí. First of all recipes that use spinach, are maintained in a cook book from 1390
    • The First Written evidence of spinach in the Mediterranean was recorded in three 10th-century works and in two agricultural treatises. Became spinach and vegetable popular in the Arab Mediterranean and arrived in Spain by the latter part of the 12th century. Also Spinach was the subject of a special treatise in the 11th Century.
    • Spinach first appeared in England and France in the 14th century, probably via Spain, and it quick Gained popularity Because it appeared in early spring, When Were other vegetables and scarce When Lenten dietary restrictions Discouraged consumption of other foods. Spinach is mentioned in the first known English cookbook, the form of Cura (1390), A smooth-seeded spinach was described in 1552.
    • During World War I, wine fortified with spinach juice was given to French soldiers weakened by haemorrhage.

    E) Import and export in Europe

    The world-wide imports in 1999 amounted to 40,493 thousand dollars. Canada was the country with greater investment in its imports, followed by United Kingdom and Germany. The 10 first countries classified according to the monetary value of their imports in 1999 were:

    The main exporters are, in the first place, the United States of America, followed by the Netherlands. The ten first world-wide export countries are shown in the table below:


    Team from Cacak, Serbia.

    F) Prices in Europe/ world

    +G) Recipes with spinach



    H) Science experiment 1: Search a science experiment suitable for a spinach. Each of the responsible schools does the experiment, and compares the results. (you can invite every person in your group to do the experiment) Ema Luncian


    I) Science experiment 2: Foodpairing : spinach in combination with another (vegetable or fruit )



    J) Health benefits and Nutrional values:

     by Nastia Vovk, School 5, Monastyryshche, Ukraine





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