Sugar the new drug!

  • Sugar came in our life. But how much sugar do we eat?

    Let us investigate! Please add a picture of your food in the padlet, together with the corresponding cubes of sugar.

    The Italian students made this poster to illustrate the amount of sugar in some drinks.


    OŠ "Kosta Abrašević", Belgrade, Serbia


    Look at this videos and change your eating habits.




    Students of Smila Lyceum made this poster as the results of calculations in Maths class and used it in the English-Maths integrated lesson

    Students from Georgia, Kutaisi have made a poster to show how many calories are in different food. 







    Students from Žitorađa, Serbia calculated amount of sugar at math classes, using proportions




    Students from Čačak, Serbia used their knowledge about proportions

    to calculate an amount of sugar in different drinks and snacks.


    Please add to this padlet, a picture of food
    together with the corresponding cubes of sugar.


    Gemaakt met Padlet


    Pupils from 5B, Kosmonautů 15 Primary School from Ostrava, Czech Republic studied bee life and honey production 

    After so much information about sugar bad influence on our health and its presence in our favourite sweets we were looking for a solution in our project about Honey and bees. Beekeeping is a popular hobby in the Czech Republic. Even some schools teach beekeeping as an optional subject. Our elementary classes including class 5B which is also involved in this project studied life of bees and their products in Czech, Maths, English, Art, and Biology lessons. The results are didplayed in the school hall and our padlet. You can find there some sweets which use mostly honey to make them sweet. 

    Made with Padlet



    Results of this task are in the next Sway