Mascotte arrivals

  • The schools Mascotte travels from one school to the other school.

    The Mascotte travels together with some typical food, holiday card signed by the students, riddles about your country, city or school....


    Here you can add pictures so we can see

    how you received the Mascotte

    from your friends :)




    Smila Lyceum, Ukraine, received mascot from Zitorada, Serbia,

    on November 7th, 2016




    Mascot Oliver from Smila, Ukraine arrived on Monday, 7 November 2016.

    We opened the box on Wednesday 9 October with class 6. A




    We mailed our maskot to Sevlievo in Bulgaria on Tuesday, 8 November 2016.

    We hope that Řapík will have a safe journey!


    On November 17, 2016 mascot from the Czech Republic arrived in Bulgaria

    We are happy by the arrival of Rapik!


    On November 15, 2016 School Vasil Levski Bulgaria sent a mascot for Ukraine




    Today on 29th November,

    we recieved an Ukranian Mascotte from Monastyrysche!




    On 7th December, students from Žitoradja

    received packadge from Reunion Island


    On 16-th of January students from Kutaisi Public School N41 recieved a parcel from Turkish partners.

    On 16-th of February students from Colegiul National Pedagogic "Gh'Lazar", Cluj-Napoca, Romania, recieved the package from Norway partners