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    Киви Kiwi kiwi/კივი   


     kivi  kiwi      киви



    A)  Description, varieties, aroma, taste,...



    B) Real and Art Picture (+ information about the artist)

    C) In 10 steps how to grow a Kiwi Teodora Rus

    D) In ​​welke landen wereldwijd wordt geteeld (geproduceerd)? teelt geschiedenis

    Originally comes the kiwi from China, where the fruit is known for many centuries. In 1906, some seeds were brought to New Zealand. From the plants that grew from these seeds, selected some New Zealand growers  the first racial. The name was then Chinese gooseberry. In1959, when the kiwi was an important export product in New Zealand, he was part of the international marketing renamed after the famous native flightless bird, the kiwi. The brown, hairy and egg-shaped appearance of the fruit also played a role, which is reminiscent of the brown and also egg-shaped bird.
    During the summer, 75% of kiwis still  come from New Zealand. California, Chile, Italy and France export also the fruit. Because the country crops in different periods and good keeping qualities is Kiwi available the whole year.



    E) Import en export in Europe

     Door Ann en Sofia P, School 5, Monastyryshche



    By  Vladyslav Irshenko, Smila Lyceum, Ukraine

    F) Prices in Europe


    G) recipes with kiwi


    H) Science experiment 1:


    I) Science experiment 2: Foodpairing: kiwi in combinations with other fruit/vegetables


    Filip Stanković, Žitorađa

    J) Nutrition values and health benefits


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