Migrants to and from our countries (MIGRATION2)

  • Our compatriots abroad

    The task

    Our students have interviewed several people in their local communities who migrated in different periods from 1960 onwards. These are the results of the interviews in the forms of videos or stories. Comments on the similarities and differences can be left in the discussion below. Enjoy! :)

    Interview with a Syrian

    Students from the 25th Primary School "Dr. Petar Beron", Sofia, Bulgaria, conducted their own interviews with migrants living in our country.

    A story about a Bessarabian Bulgarian woman

    Students from the 25th Primary School "Dr. Petar Beron", Sofia, Bulgaria, conducted their own interviews with migrants living in our country.

    From Russia to Croatia

    Ksenija was born, raised and had lived in Russia until she met a Croatian man, who lived in Zagreb. When they fell in love, she had traveled to Croatia and got married to the Croatian man. She didn’t speak Croatian, but she was trying really hard and managed to learn it in less than a year.

    Of course, she still visits Russia, her home country, two times per year. She says her favorite Croatian dish is štrukli, and she recommends Croatia for immigration. Also, to know more about Croatia and its history, she is learning it with her daughter.

    Glorija Pinturić, Zagreb

    Life in Austria

    Life in Austria

    Janja left Croatia 8 years ago and started her new life in Austria with her family. The main reason for moving was a better job opportunity, but there are also many other benefits, such as salaries, health care, social security, laws, politics, etc.
    The language barrier was not a problem for her, as she already spoke German. However, her husband had a hard time learning the language.
    Sometimes, especially at beginning, she was very sad and nostalgic. She missed the Croatian culture. Also, she admits that in Austria she never feels like she is home.
    However, she is not thinking of returning to Croatia. Janja and her family found most of the things they wanted in Austria and they are happy there.

    Mia Fett, Zagreb

    Life in Dubai

    (Luna Šiptar Herceg, Zagreb)

    Life in Germany

    My uncle Stjepan left Croatia and moved to Germany. He went there in search of good work opportunities and new experiences. He is satisfied with the opportunities he has. He says that it can always be better, but believes this is a good start.
    He says that since he has family and old friends in Croatia, time passes by faster when he’s there. When he is well organised, he has time for everything. He works 38 hours per week. He spends his free time the same as in homeland, except he isn’t spending time with his family, since they’re in Croatia. He says that the climate is similar to Croatian, but the Croatian sea is more beautiful.
    For now, he doesn't want to come back. He will return when he gets older and saves some money.

    Patrik Sever, Zagreb

    Life in Belgium

    Vita Slovenc, Zagreb

    Migration opinion - Borislav Pashov

    My opinion about migration.

    Ena's English story

    Dora Majdak, Zagreb

    Lidia Nistor, Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    Interview with a migrant - how was life in the past and now.

    Lidia Nistor, Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    Due to the fact that we were running online classes and the restrictions we are confronted with, this topic was integrated into the English class and students' were asked to write a letter to themselves from the future, imagining they migrated from Romania to other countries and explain the reasons why they decided to leave the country. The task was also to use Past Simple Tense. All their entries can be found in the pdf file attached.