Press Conference (POLITICS4)

  • A press conference

    A press conference

    Our students participated in press conferences with local political figures. They had an opportunity to ask them various questions regarding local politics and their own beliefs. Banquets were held afterwards. Read their reports and check out the photos :).

    Zagreb Press Conference with Mr. Bulić

    On February 2nd, 2021 a virtual meeting with the local politician Zvonimir Bulić was held in Elementary School Odra. The students communicated with him via Zoom.
    Students asked him various questions, such as: Why did you decide to be a politician? Is it hard to be a politician? Can you actually change anything by participating in politics? What do you dislike about politics? etc. Mr. Bulić eagerly answered all our questions, and we learned a lot by talking to him. After the meeting, a small banquet was held, and then we could talk about what we heard and learned from our guest.
    This activity has made us realize that we actually can change the environment in which we live in by actively participating in decision-making regarding its future. We are glad that Mr. Bulić responded to our invitation to participate in the project and we look forward to new activities.

    Interview with mukhtar, Mimar Sinan Ortaokulu, Izmir

    Students acted like press members, asked questions to mukhtar of our neighborhood.

    Mukhtar is a person, represents the neighborhood and help with the problems faced in their territory. They build communication between town hall and neighborhood. They are politicians locals see everyday.

    Meeting was held online via Zoom app, on February 11th, 2021.

    Details are attached.

    Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    Pupils from Romanu School had the chance to meet the local councillor who responded to their queries and explained how council decisions that affect them.

    Interview with Milena Damyanova

    On 18 February 2021, a meeting took place between Ms. Milena Damyanova, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science, and representatives of the 25th Dr. Petar Beron Primary School, represented by Ms. Nadia Yordanova, class teacher of 6th grade, mathematics teacher and Alexander Dunchev, 6th grade student.
    Alexander Dunchev present as a young journalist and made his debut, interviewing Ms. Damyanova in the National Assembly building.
    Asking his questions, he received information about Ms. Damyanova's childhood, her personal and professional achievements, which she is proud of. Ms. Damyanova shared about the qualities that a politician must possess in order to be good in his work. The views of both positions on online learning were discussed. Both Alexander and Mrs. Damyanova expressed their opinion.
    At the end of the meeting, both sides exchanged gifts as a sign of good relations between the school and the government.