Interviews with asylum seekers (MIGRATION3)

  • Interviews with asylum seekers

    The task

    Out students have carried out a serious task - they conducted interviews with asylum seekers in their countries, and learned more about this important topic in contemporary Europe. Check out the interview reports.

    Interview with Bulgarians who emigrated to Germany

    The interview addressed issues related to the reasons for a family to emigrate to Germany.
    The family talks about their life in Germany and their plans for the future related to their life there.

    Emigrants in Bulgaria

    This is a story of a family of a Bessarabian Bulgarian and a Russian woman who find refuge in Bulgaria.
    They talk about the reasons that made them leave Russia.
    They share their desire to stay in our country.

    An interview with a refugee from Iraq

    Zagreb sixth-graders participated in an interview with Ms Aymen, an Iraqi refugee in Croatia, and Ms Lana V., a social worker at the Croatian Red Cross. Here you can read the report!