Cake With the Principal (POLITICS2)

  • Cake With the Principal

    The task

    Our students have shown initiative in improving their schools. Here are the photos of the meetings they held with their principals. Some details on the discussions can be found too.

    Izmir - Meeting with the principal

    Student represenatatives met with the principal of school and conveyed their ideas about current situation of school atmosphere. Especially matters regarding pandemics were discussed.

    Croatia - Cake With the Principal Vatroslav Gabrić

    On Thursday 17 December 2020 the activity titled "Cake With the Principal" was organized for the first time in Osnovna škola Odra with Principal Vatroslav Gabrić. Students from the 6a class - Dora Bačurin, Glorija Pinturić and Fran Radić - participated in the event. The students told the principal that at first it was difficult, but they are now used to teaching and learning under masks. They also said that they were satisfied with school, teachers, school counselors and secretary. They pointed out good communication and quick problem solving. The principal and students agreed that only thing that is missing is a gym. The conversation was pleasant and both sides were satisfied.

    Tirebolu - Cake With Principal

    Our three stuents participated in a “cake with the principal”. They asked three questions prepared by themselves . The questions were about the issues in the school life and our principal gladly answered them.(19th of January, 2021)

    Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    During this meeting students had the chance to interview the school principal, share their ideas regarding the activities that can be organized during the week dedicated to extra-curricular activities and what can be done in the context caused by the pandemic.

    Bulgaria - Cake with the principal Nadka Dokovska

    In December, a meeting was held between the students and the principal of 25. primary school entitled "Cake with the Principal". Through their questions, the children aimed to get to know the principal as a person with their own interests and dreams. During the conversation, Ms. Dokovska shared about her favorite things such as flowers, music, season, sports, hobbies. She spoke about the difficult path she took to become a principal. Share the qualities that every principal must possess in order to run a school well. She expressed her opinion on the future development of 25. primary school. At the end of the interview, she wished all students to be healthy, curious and not to stop dreaming.



    On Monday, March 8, 2021, students of the 6th grade of Odra Elementary School, Marko Mahin, Leo Malus and Manuela Medoš, conducted an interview with Vatroslav Gabrić, the school principal. The students previously prepared questions which the principal was ready to answer and learned how the principal became the principal, where he sees the possibility of improving the work and organization of the school and what he does in his free time. The principal explained to the students that he had decided to run for principal at the suggestion of his predecessor and that he loved his job, even though he missed working in the classroom. He then pointed out that with the construction of a sports hall, his main goal is to expand the school with twelve more classrooms so that all students can attend classes in one shift.

    A cake with the principal

    On October 5th, 2021, students from class 7.c Bruno Bačelić, Dolores Prvonožec and Damjan Vidović had visited the principal and asked him a few questions about the current school situation. The students wanted to know what exactly a principal does and how challenging it is to run the school in the times of a pandemic. The students asked questions about the school kitchen and the gym that has yet to be built. The students also wanted to know why they have to wear slippers to school. They also commended their teachers, and the principal confirmed what they said. The conversation was enjoyable and cheerful.