Politics in the Media (POLITICS3)

  • Politics in the media

    The task

    Our students followed a chosen political topic in the media and analyzed how the topic was covered and what facts and opinions were presented. Here's what they found!

    Capitol riot

    On 6th of January, Wednesday, supporters of the president Donald Trump gathered to protest in front of the US Congress building, where Joe Biden's victory in the US election, held in early November last year, was to be finally confirmed. After several hours of demonstrations, where Trump himself appeared, things escalated. Clashes broke out between police and protesters. Eventually, the president's supporters broke through the police cordon and rushed into the building.


    The covid-19 pandemic that broke out in 2019 has brought a lot of trouble to people all over the world. There are many sick and dead people from the virus. The world is mobilizing its forces to produce a vaccine. And in December 2020, a vaccine against the virus was approved.

    Consultations with President Rumen Radev on the conduct of the parliamentary elections.

    The head of state met successively with four extra parliamentary
    political forces, because of the need for political pluralism in the
    country, and because this will be the first election in a pandemic The
    president asked for the opinion of the participants in the meetings on
    important topics for his institution providing online video
    surveillance of the counting of ballots, mobile ballot boxes for people
    under quarantine, voting by mail from abroad, machine voting and
    ensuring its fairness

    2020 US Presidential Election

    Franka from Zagreb has prepared this report on the facts, opinions and fake news circulating in the media on the 2020 US Presidential Election.

    Quarantine in Media

    This report is compiled depending on the works of students on quarantine application and how it is reflected on turkish media, based on the distinction of facts and opinions - by Mimar Sinan Ortaokulu, Izmir, Turkey

    Black Lives Matter

    Elena from Zagreb has prepared this report on the facts, opinions and fake news circulating in the media on the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    This task was assigned to students via Google Classroom and it was included in the lesson The role played by the media in society and in the formation of public opinion.
    Our Erasmus+ project is included in the school curricula of Social Education.
    Students' creations can be seen on Classroom and they were presented during the class.