Tirebolu - Cake With Principal






    Our three stuents participated in a “cake with the principal”. They  asked three questions  prepared by themselves . The questions were about the issues in the school life and our principal gladly answered them.(19th of January, 2021)


    Student 1 : Do you think the teaching staff of the school is adequate in terms of numbers and academics?
    Principal: You, our students, deserve the best of everything in your teaching life and we are doing our best in this regard, so new teachers will be appointed.


    Student 1 : What kind of assistance is currently being given to students to be successful in the school ?
        Principal:  Counseling support is currently continuing for students in need of guidance, and test books are provided to students who do not have financial means.
    Student 1 : What precautions do you plan to take if schools are opened before Corona treatment is found?
            Principal: We have stored plenty of masks and disinfectants in our school, placed the masks in the teachers room so that students can get them whenever they need it, and placed disinfectants in some parts of the school. In addition, servants will start to work more actively.
    Student 2 : Could you please inform us about the success of our school?
    Principal: Last year 26 students from our school went to universities. I hope more people will go this year.
    Student 2 : What is the importance of the physical facilities of our school in our education life?
    Principal: There is no shortage in our school and we try to make up for the deficiencies.
    Student 2 : What has changed in our school with the corona virus?
    Principal:  Many things have changed in our school, we now have disinfectants and masks in our classrooms, we feel the absence of our students, I hope our school will be opened as soon as possible.
    Student 3 : What are the current shortcomings of our school?
    Principal:  We are fixing broken parts of the school in these days.  The plants on the roof will be removed, the exterior of the school will be painted, the lights of the school will be renewed, new seats will be added to the corridors and new computers will be bought soon.
    Student 3 : Do the students in our school have any problem with transportation?
    Principal:  No, they don’t have any transportation problems. Many of them live in the town center and the others come to school with school buses from villages. Also they don’t pay for buses.
    Student 3 : What are your current goals?
    Principal:  We want to open our school as soon as possible. We want to start our lessons. We are preparing our school for these day. When it is open, we will go on our studies.
    Students: Thank you for accepting to do this interview.
    Principal: You are welcome.