Migration trends in our countries (MIGRATION1)

  • Migration trends in our countries

    The task

    Our students attended lectures by local and state authorities on migration trends in our countries from the 1960s onwards. They have prepared presentations to demonstrate their findings, as well as quizzes as a comprehension check. Check them out! 😊

    Interview with Mr. Yavor Bonev and the young journalists from the 25th Primary School "Dr. Petar Beron", Sofia, Bulgaria

    Mr. Bonev is responsible for the residence of foreigners in the city of Sofia, as his main activity is related to the control over the residence of the citizens of the so-called third countries. He checks the foreign citizens on what grounds they are in Bulgaria.
    In recent years, our guest has been involved in the control of illegal immigrants arriving from the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. The main reasons for migration are economic or military action in the countries and looking for a better way of life. As legal and illegal emigrants, young people predominate, who are looking for a change in their way of life and better financial realization.
    Mr. Bonev also answered questions related to Bulgaria's policy towards migration and the people who remain in our country.
    With the information received by the students, they enriched their knowledge of civic education.

    Migration, Bulgaria

    Get acquainted with the migration processes in Bulgaria.
    Answer the questions HERE

    Migration, Bulgaria

    To answer the questions asked by Bulgaria, see the presentation

    Migration, Croatia

    Mrs. Sanja Klempić Bogadi held a lecture to our 7th grade students about migration in Croatia. Check out the presentation!

    Migration, Croatia - quiz

    Check your memory!

    Lidia Nistor, Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    We prepared a list of 10 questions to be asked to a representative of a migration authority.