Dads Can Do Anything (FAMILY2)

  • Dads Can Do Anything

    The task

    Mums work, clean, cook, take care of the children... Dads do that too, but our students say - not as much! That's why we've decided to invite fathers of our students to show their sons and daughters that housework can be shared fairly between men and women. Dads did typical women's chores at our schools!

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Study of Sixth Grade Students. Everyone talks about the role of their father as a participant in household chores.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    What men like to do at home.

    A video from the action DADS CAN DO ANYTHING at O҆ Odra
    Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    Students from the 8th grade presented what their dad do at home.