National minorities (MIGRATION4)

  • National minorities

    The task

    Our students have conducted research on national minorities and their legal and communal position in cooperation with some non-governmental organization in their countries. They have prepared comics to present their findings. Have a look! :)

    The Roma in Bulgaria

    Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance is a leading Roma organization working for the equal integration of Roma in Bulgarian society. The organization plays a central role in organizing the Roma civic movement and implementing advocacy activities for Roma integration before state institutions.

    Lana's comic: National Minorites in Croatia

    Check out how Lana from Zagreb presented her findings about the status of national minorities in Croatia!

    Jakov's comic: National Minorities in Croatia

    Jakov has done some research too. Click on the icon to see how he interpreted national minorities' situation in Croatia.

    Romani people in Croatia

    Tin from Zagreb focused on a national minority present in many countries - Romani people. He presented their common problems in a hand-drawn paper comic. It's a difficult topic creatively covered.

    Study on the Armenian community in Bulgaria

    Presentation on the life of Armenians in Bulgaria


    Bulgaria is one of the few countries that did not allow the killing of a Jew during the Second World War

    Lidia Nistor, Scoala Gimnaziala Romanu, Braila, Romania

    Research of the Romanian team.