ErasmusDays Events

  • Erasmus Days 2020 was celebrated in the FR school to promote opportunities of digital and physical mobilities in Europe for the students' understanding. This event gathered 100 students and 10 teachers, some of them to receive the French Quality Label, the others to receive some presents from Region Normandie. To close the event, a lottery game for all participants turned this moment into a happy celebration, which was very successful. 

    Collaboration: Erasmus Day Event 2021 is already planned on 14th Ocotober 2021 with the ES teacher about this present project. 

    The poster to announce the event on school's walls

    FR students listening to the Eruopean Hymn. 

    Some ES students interrupted their classes to join the ceremony by videoconferencing. They are showing their certificate home made by teh FR school as a thank you for the Prize won in hte FR national competition. They were warmly and loudly applaused and celebrated by FR students. 

    The FR students, participants in 2020-2021 to eTwinning project "Learning math through pi as a universal language", with Audrey Bailbey, CORAC in Caen, Anne Descamps, DAREIC Rectorat Caen and Vincent Grégoire, the new head teacher. 

    In the school main entrance, where 1 400 students walk through daily.