Simulation and first ideas

  • Post here the results of your simulation and your first ideas about this problem

    Monty Hall Problem (Goizane)


    It is better to change doors because the probability that the car will touch you is much higer (68%), than if you keep the door (34%).

    Monty Hall Problem (Irene)

    In my opinion, undoubtedly, the best option is to change the choice. If I pick a goat at first time, there is only one goat the host can reveal. So, the host opens the only other goat door and then I swap to the remaining closed door the car. So, the probability of winning a car by changing my choice is of 74%, and of winning a goat is 26%. If I keep my choice, it doesn’t matter which other goat door the host opens, because I am sticking with my first choice and the chance that I have already picked the car is 40%, and the chance I have already picked a goat is 60%.

    Monty hall Problem.Héctor

    For my the best option is to change because the probability is better changing your initial option.

    Oscar idea Monty Hall

    I think that change choice is better than keep choice because if you change you will have more probability to take the car.


    Changing makes it become more probable to win the car. At the start 1/3 is the probability for each door, but, when the door is revealed it becomes ½, the thing is, this change in probability is only effective when changing; if not, it is still 1/3.

    Monty Hall Project-Leticia.

    It’s better to change the door, cause if you see the video explaining the Monty Hall Problem: (, it explains why if you choose the other door, he other door, your probabilities are higher than if you keep it, as seen in my experiment.

    Monty Hall Problem (Jorge)

    About the monty hall problem
    I think that the best option is to change the election because i win the car in almost all, when i don´t change the election i win the car but not always

    Monty Hall Problem (Nerea)

    I think, it is better change the choice, because the percentage of appearance of the car is the 85% but if you don´t change the door there are more probability of weanning the goats.