Project design

  • Targeted students

    - 78 French students for their math in English  "Section Européenne" class, organised as

    30 students aged 16 "classe de seconde", denoted by "FR-16 students",

    24 students aged 17 "classe de première", denoted by "FR-17 students",

    24 students aged 18 "classe de terminale", denoted by "FR-18 students".

    - 15 Spanish students aged 15 to 18


    This project follows a first project held in 2019-2020 "Learning math through pi as a universal language". FR-17 and FR-18 students were members of that first project last year. 

    The FR math teacher, Odile and the ES math teacher, Inma had to take into account the unbalanced number of students to design the math activities.


    Math teachers Inma and Odile led phone conversations in September to define :

    - the subjects in math, which will be produced

    - the calendar time to match activities simultaneously for Fr and ES students,

    - the chronological order and the type of activities, from the insight of promoting collaboration

    - the respect of each country's constraints in the calendar of national academic year. 

    - in France, training for the "Grand Oral" final examination since the oral skills are trained on math contents in this class. Giving the FR students some ideas to formulate their question, according the frame of this Baccalauréat examination.

    Protecting Personal Datas 

    FR school has a signed authorisation by all students' parents, which allows to post the videos made by students. However, some videos displaying one student's face were not posted on the TS. This situation happens while training for the Grand Oral examination. 

    ES school chooses either to blind students' faces on photos, or not showing any student's face at all. 

    Collaborative MATH activities

    Activity (What) students (Who) Approximate period (When)
    Vocabulary - Kahoot

    FR-17 students

    FR-16 students

    ES .....


    October to November

    Vocabulary - Algorithms FR-17 students November
    Magic and Mathematics FR-17 students October to January
    Fractals FR-18 students September to November
    Secret Messages FR-17 students February to April
    The Monty Hall Problem FR-18 students December to February
    Geometry Algorithms FR-16 students January to April

    Final productions

    numerous videos to explain math concepts made by students,

    - 3 Madmagz e-magazines, one per students group of age: age 16, age 17, age 18

    Each FR and ES student receives his personal paper copy. 

    - twinspace pages collect some written interactions

    - Erasmus Day Celebration on 15th October 2020, through video conferencing

    - Preparation of a common event for Erasmus Day 2021