The Monty Hall problem

  • In this section we will discuss the Monty Hall problem.

    Youngers students (from Spain ) will work with the simulation and later make a guess about which option is the best.

    Older students (from France) using as a starting point Spanish students simulations will write an article for the magazine explaining which option is the most convinient, they should rite their conclussions using the appropriate mathematical tools such as probability trees.

    Here you have a link to a simulation online

    These videos will be useful for the discussion of the problem


    An extract form from the film "Numbers", where a mathematician helps the police to solve some crimes. The mathematician demonstrates here a principle in probability.


    Remember that whe you finish the discussion , you should write an article for the online magazine


    -------- A description of how collaborations were carried out ------

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    goal: a pardox in a game show proved by probabilities

    FR-18 and ES students watch the same video presenting a TV show game which was popular in the 1960s in the US, The Monty Hall TV show. 

    ES students perform the game many times, by simulating digitally, to collect results into statistic datas. They use statistics to decide which option is most favourable to the player to chose. They share their statistics results on the twinspace. 

    Each FR-18 student explains the math proof in a magazine article and in a video, where he/she explains the final answer given by ES students from their insight of statistics