• In this section we develop activities about vocabulary of math in English such as:

    • Kahoot
    • Algorithms


    Below a description of how the collaborations were carried out. 

    pages and subpages : Vocabulary

    - goal: learn or review the vocabulary of numbers and calculations 

    To review vocabulary learnt the year before, FR-17 students make a paper folding game, which supports some questions to review the vocabulary. These paper games are sent per post to Spain. 

    ES students play these games. They design other questions for practicing vocabulary and embed those in some kahoot games

    To learn the vocabulary, FR-16 students play the kahoot games from Spain. They enjoy it very much. 

    To use this vocabulary by learning the structure of algorithms prior to computer programming, ES students design algorithms for calculating one's birthday. 

    FR-17 students perform the ES algorithms and return the ES students' date of birth.