Magic trick - Lightning Addition

  • Instructions given to French students for the magazine and video assignment.


    A. WRITTEN article for the e-magazine, 1 or 2 pages with photos

    1. a title,

    2.  a short introduction to give a context,

    3. PERFORM the magic trick with you playing the role of the magician,

    4. Tell the SECRET, that any real magician should keep hidden in his mind,

    5. PROVE THE MATH, that allows this magic trick to work in all cases,

    6. a final conclusion, your personal comment, for example, open up to another extended situation of the same kind.


    B. ORAL video, 3 to 5 mn

    follow the same instructions as above, orally with your VOICE explanations with VISUAL documents.

    DO NOT READ! TALK! It should be entertaining to the audience!