11. Dissemination & Project Summary

  • Please share the documents, videos, links and images which show you have disseminated the project, activities, results and partnership

    EFFL (Eskişehir Fatih Fen Lisesi)

    On 9 May 2020, eTwinning Day video activity about the ongoing projects at school. The video was shared on school's official facebook page.

    EFFL, eTwinning Day video link

    The video was prepared by students, they showed the projects and etwinning related activities to inform parents and public.


    The project promotion video is informing people about the project. The video was published on School's Facebook Page.


    The students were informed about the project by their peers who participated the project.

    EFFL, project description

    Students were informed about SDGs and some videos were watched.

    EFFL, Turkey

    Eskişehir Fatih Fen Lisesi website news about the project.

    EFFL, Turkey

    We informed the school staff, parents and neighbouring school staff about the project outcome and what the participants did to achieve project goals.

    Eskişehir Fatih Fen Lisesi, school official website

    The information about the project process was published and the public were informed about the project entitled 'Making Sustainability Goals Possible'.

    EFFL, Asuman Baş - International Symposium „Collaborative learning in eTwinning” 2020

    The project was shared on the padlet created by Julianna Szabo to disseminate the project outcomes. She organised a symposium.

    EFFL, --- International Symposium „Collaborative learning in eTwinning” 2020

    Asuman Baş was invited to share the project outcome on an international platform. The padlet link:

    Asuman Baş : a webinar about Quality Projects

    9.6.2020, webinar held by Eskişehir Provincial directorate of National Education.

    Asuman Baş presented 'What a quality project should have'-Online webinar

    300 participants joined the online webinar where Asuman Baş presented the quality projects using her projects.

    IC A. Gabelli (Italy), project video

    This is a video to summarise the best moments of the activities carried out in Italy. It has been published on the official media channels of our school.

    IC A. Gabelli (Italy), Facebook post

    This is the final post to share the common product of the project with the school community on the school Facebook page.

    IC A. Gabelli (Italy)_Open Day

    In January 2020, the school organised an Open day event to present all the activities included in the school curriculum. Some of the students involved in the project presented eTwinning and the main activities carried out for "Making Sustainability Goals Possible".

    eTwinning Project Presentation on our School Website (Anna Kapsalis)

    We have informed our students, teachers, and parents about the project via our school website

    Erasmus+ KA1 Project - Dissemination blog_IC A. Gabelli Italy

    As teachers experimented with ICT tools and activities, regular updates of the project were published on the blog of our ongoing KA1 project "Con l'Europa, verso l'Europa: sviluppo professionale e innovazione per una scuola migliore".

    Eskişehir Fatih Fen Lisesi, school official website

    The news about project outcome has been published.

    EFFL, Turkey

    School staff and parents were informed about the common product, 2030 interactive agenda.
    The link to the news: http://fatihfenlisesi.meb.k12.tr/icerikler/making-sustainability-goals-possible-sdgs-surdurulebilir-kalkinma-hedefleri_9724787.html

    Eskişehir Fatih Fen Lisesi, school official facebook page

    The 2030 interactive project outcome was disseminated on the school facebook page.


    Dissemination in school website:


    Dissemination in social media:


    Report for dissemination


    Dissemination in eTwinning live: school and teacher profiles

    Poster of the project (AENG, Portugal)
    EFFL, Asuman Baş

    The video prepared to celebrate eTwinning Day 2020


    Dissemination in our website www.iesriuturia.es

    Teachers meetings at AENG (Portugal)

    At each teachers meetings' it was made an update to the project. We shared the activities on which the students collaborated until that moment. The teachers were invited to collaborate to some extent on the project, within the school curricula.

    Asuman Baş - International Symposium - Collaborative learning in eTwinning

    The project outcome was disseminated and this is the certificate.

    eTwinning Live event (AENG, Portugal)

    Event created to disseminate the 8th grade projects.

    Event dissemination in eTwinning Live


    Letter to the parents (AENG, Portugal)

    This was the information sent to the parents at the beggining of the project.

    IC A. Gabelli (Italy), website page

    We have added information about this project on the eTwinning webpage of the school website.


    The project was presented in the e-magazine made to show the activities and results of the first year of the Erasmus+ KA1 project "Con l'Europa, verso l'Europa: sviluppo professionale e innovazione per una scuola migliore".

    IC A. Gabelli - Winner of a national competition on the 2030 Agenda

    We are happy to announce one of the e-book made by the Italian students to illustrate the 17 Goals of the 2030 Agenda has won the national competition "Immagini per la Terra". We are really pleased with the result, considering the high value of the competition and the panel of experts that have judged our work.


    All good things come to an end! This final presentation summaries the main aspects of the project (AIMS, PARTICIPANTS, TASKS, KEY ELEMENTS, FINAL PRODUCT, EVALUATION AND DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES).