10. Impact


    On this page partners can share what was the impact of the project on each school, on the students and teachers' skills/competences, or others. Please, use the TwinBoard


    Impact on teachers_Italy

    In Italy teachers improved their team work and gained professional development in terms of new ICT tools. Cross-curricular approaches were adopted more easily thanks to the topic of Sustainability. Plus, CLIL learning paths and eTwinning were merged to exploit the potential of learning within an international context.

    Impact on learners_Italy

    Together with developing EU key competences, pupils in Italy became more aware of SDGs and achieved aims connected to Education for Sustainable Development. Most importantly, they gained more autonomy by working alongside international peers.

    EFFL, Asuman Baş - eTwinning Group - Global Goals

    Asuman Baş created the group to inform interested teachers about sustainability goals and encourage them to create projects on the topic, and also exchange good practises to raise awareness and collaboration.

    EFFL, Asuman Baş - Erasmus project proposal

    With the awareness to raise among young people, in the light of sustainability goals mainly about the 13th, three partner schools agreed to apply for a school partnership.

    Asuman Baş - Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

    The project information and collaborative outcomes, links were sent to SD Knowledge Platform because the videos, links provided were taken from UN SDGs websites. We also would like to share the outcome with the platform.

    EFFL, Asuman Baş

    With the project activities and collaborative pupils' works, A. Baş was satisfied with the project outcome which is an interactive map of Actions for goals, so she used it as a good example of common work at a webinar about Quality Criteria.

    Students at AENG

    The project was of great interest to the Portuguese team students. They played an active role throughout the project and as we can see from the assessmet results they've developed their knowledge about the sustainable development goals and many skills: ICT, communication in English, creativity, autonomy, responsibility and critical thinking.

    Teachers at AENG (Portugal)

    The project was developed with the collaboration of several teachers, what reinforced collaborative work at our school. Adressing the Sustainable Development Goals is very important nowadays and it was also a way to have the teachers of both classes aware of the SDG. We also experimented some new Web 2.0 tools.

    Impact on teachers. Spain

    The impact of the project on my teaching task has been very positive and enriching, learning new resources and teaching strategies. The quality of the product obtained and, in particular, the achievement of the proposed objectives, represents an added satisfaction in my professional career, which motivates me to continue participating in eTwinning projects of greater significance, success and complexity, learning from difficulties and enhancing the developed strengths. In addition, the collaboration experience with the partner centers has been very satisfactory, since thanks to them I have learned resources, strategies and ideas that will enrich the future international projects in which I participate.

    Impact on School. Spain

    The impact on our school has been really important. Students are satisfied with their work on the project and proud of the final quality of the product produced. The dissemination of these results improves the perception of families in relation to the quality of teaching in our school and the external image of our center. In addition, the project contributes to improving our objective of internationalization and European dimension.

    Erasmus Project collaboration

    Thanks to the work started about sustainability, two partners of the current project (Italy and Spain) have joined to other four partners from Bulgaria, Estonia, France and Croatia to apply for a KA229 project also related with sustainability goals: "Water for all", which form was completed in April 2020.