11. Sustainable cities and communities

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    % Of people in cities

    In 2018, 3.5billion people lived in cities, By 2050, that figure will have risen to 6.5 billion people.
    Our opinion is that the towns should be restored so that people can live comfortably as in the city. (Kenya G. Spain)

    Life in slums

    828 million people are estimated to live in slums.
    Thinking about this fact, we need to give these people a better place to live, they must have better living conditions. The government could finance these new houses. (Kenya G. Spain)


    Sustainable land use quality of air, are just some of the challenges, that led to the planning of this goal. For example, dates of pollution of air, confirm exposure to fine particles.
    Infact, goal 11 airms to reduce the pollution produced by cities. It's the same for the management and disposal of waste.
    (Amedeo A.IT)

    Cities and communities problems

    The cities are very important for the human being, but they make pollution. Furthermore they aren't inclusive and don't have access to green spaces. The cities also don't have money for basic services and a lot of houses are missed. Last of all they have some infrastructure in degradation.(sebastiano It)

    The objects of the goal Number 11

    Objective 11 aims ti reduce the pollution produced by cities
    The objects:
    1. By 2030,ensure acces to adeguate,safe and affordable housing and basic service for everyone
    2.Strenghten efforts to protect and safeguard the wordl's culturale and Natural heritage
    3. Support the least developed country,also with technical and financial assistance,in building suistanable and resiliant buildings using local materiale.(Andreal.IT)

    Objective for rapid urbanization

    To complete the objective for rapid urbanization we need to clear city by trash to reduce pollution and to increase quality of life for all peaple,create new job and new advanced economy.(AndreaR.IT)


    Provide access to safe, accessible and sustainable transport.
    Our opinion is that the transport is very important because it is related with the pollution that the cities create. If we make a sustainable transport the pollution can decrease and it could transport more people and at a lower cost. (Kenya G. Spain)

    People's help

    People can volunteer to health through programs and events. And people must keep their place clean, too. For example we can start cleaning our neighborhood. (Kenya G. Spain)

    The future of urban expansion

    If the expansion of cities continue this way it's probable that in the next decades, the 90% of the urban expansion will be in the developed world. We think that the urban expansion not only should focus on developed cities, the undeveloped cities need the governments help to improve his lifestyle. (Juan, Spain)

    Back to the field

    The population increase in cities has been increasing more and more, so that each person has less space for themselves. So we have to take advantage of space and not be all the people in the cities, and go back a bit to the past, where there were still a lot of people in the fields (Tiago P. Portugal)