10. Reduced inequalities

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    Reduced inequalities

    The international community has made significant progress in removing people from poverty. The most vulnerable nation continue to work their way towards reducing poverty. However, inequality persists and large disparities remain in access to health, education and other services.
    furthermore, while the income disparity between different countries seems to have narrowed, the disparity within the same country has increased

    Reduced inequalities

    Poverty is one of the biggest problems of the world, it's a cycle. When you're born in a poor family, you have less chances to succed in your future. Only 90% of the girls in Indonesia who are poor can pass primary school, 59% finish junior high school and only 29% complete senior high school. On the other hand if you are born in a comfortable economy you have 99% the chances to finish primary school, 89% to pass junior high school and 74% to complete senior high school. As you can see these are alarming numbers and theres things you can do to change them.
    -Matilde Gens
    -Sara Amorim

    Reduced inequalities

    The inequality between developed and developing countries is exorbitant.
    More than two-thirds of the world's population live in countries where inequality has increased and the impact is felt at personal and national levels. Brazil is the country with the highest population inequality in the world.

    reduced inequalities


    Reduced Inequalities


    Ways to achieve reduced inequalities

    It is imposible to achieve sustainable development if we exclude any part of the population. Inequalties like income, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, disability, class or ethnicity, that, unfortunally, continue to exist in the world's population.
    So to have reduced inequalities we should:
    • Eliminate discriminatory policies, laws and practicies.
    • Economic, social and political policies need to be universal and pay more attention to the needs of disadvantaged and opressed communities.
    If we all work together we can achive equality for everyone. Because everyone deserves a life of dignity and opportunity.
    -Matilde Gens
    -Sara Amorim


    Technological developments increase production efficiency and automation while at the same time reducing production and transportation expenses. As a result, while poverty decreased relatively with the increase in productivity in production, the fact that most of the revenues obtained through the development of new production styles went to the owners of the capital further increased the income inequality. In addition, as a result of technological developments, the fact that robots started to do the work done by unskilled workers decreased the demand for unskilled workers, which led to a decrease in the income of this group.
    - Ayşe ARI