5. Gender Equality

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    Gender inequality is one of the obstacles for sustainable development for economic growth and the fight against poverty
    To date there has been some progress such as entering the job market,but there are also other objectives for example:
    1Put an end to female discrimination
    2Eliminate all form of violence against women
    3Guarantee healt and well-being
    4Give women the same social right as mens
    (Aurora P. IT)


    Woman and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world. Gender equality is necessary for a paceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Unfortunatly now 1 in 5 woman and girls have reported sexual vioence. Gender equality still exists troughout society, especially during women's professional coreers.
    For long time women have been trying to fix these themeselves.
    We need to stop fixing the woman and start working on the men.
    (Giulia M. IT)


    Unfortunately today many people do not understand the equality between man and women.Since the past men have always felt superior to women penalizing them in any field.
    In my opinion it is absolutely not correct to exclude or feel superior to women,because as the law says there is no different between man and woman!


    Created by Giulia M., IT

    İmportance of Gender Equality

    Unfortunately many people don't understand the importance of the equality between men and women. Ever since the past a lot of things have done to make men and women have equal rights. But this isn't enough. Still innocent women are murdered, girls can't go to school and forced to marriage in childhood.
    (Yeşim Piroğlu EFFL)


    (Aurora P. IT)