2.1 Safer Internet Day

  • @ Eski┼čehir Fatih Fen Lisesi, etwinners prepared slides to inform their peers about safer internet, cyber bullying, personal data collection, digital citizenship and online games.

    They prepared a kahoot to evaluate what their friends learnt and also used printed version of their presentation on the school boards.


    IES RIU TÚRIA also celebrated Safer Internet Day making posters with messages to avoid hazards in the net. We also played a kahoot in class.


    IC A. Gabelli (Italy) also celebrated Safer Internet Day by discussing netiquette rules (2) and commenting on the following infographic: 


  • Do you think it is necessary that students should be involved in safer internet day activities to inform their peers?
    I completely agree that since they use the internet more they should be in the centre to inform young people.
    8 votes (80.00%)
    I agree that they inform their friends but teachers should also be in the team.
    2 votes (20.00%)
    Only the teachers and experts should inform all the school staff.
    0 votes (0%)