12. Responsible comsumption and production

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    Goal 12

    Goal 12 is quite important. Humanity must now look for ways to do better and more with less. It is vital to keep in mind that this particular SDG covers the consumer and business sectors, as well as basic services.The world has unequal patterns of quality of life and consumption.
    We must guarantee sustainable consumption and production.
    (Marta Domínguez)

    Responsible comsumption and production

    Sustainable consumption pretends to increase wellness reducing resource use, degradation and pollution, while increasing quality of life. We also have to take into account the supply chain, involving everyone. This includes educating about sustainable consumption and lifestyles, providing adequate information and participating in sustainable public procurement. (Elena Jiménez)

    Why is goal 12 important?

    Our Goal 12 is one of the most important ones for our world. That's because we can have the notion of what our world is wasting in bulk, like food, water and energy. If we save all of our resources we can have a really prosperous future to our world and the future generations can have the same resources as us. It can sound like a joke but everything is about our world.
    (Wender Barroso and Francisco Rabaça)

    Responsible Consumption and Production

    This short video has some ways to improve our planet through a responsible consumption and production.
    (João Rafael, Portugal)

    Goal 12

    Taking care of the way things are consumned and produced is getting more importnant day by day. To provide a better life we have to take action in different aspects. Many people still do not have access to clean and fresh water and at the same time humanaity is polluting the water so much that planet earth cannot recycle anything.
    Another aspect is the energy we use. If eveyone switched to efficient and good energy it would not only save a lot of money, which could be invested in other important things, it also helps to save the planet. We also have to be more aware of the way we eat because about 2 billion people are globally obese and overweight but on the other hand there are 795 million people in the world who do not have enough food.

    Rebecca from Germany

    Goal 12

    I agree with all the facts that are mentioned already. But another factor of responsible consumption that is very dear to me is not really metioned.
    What I think is one of the biggest points of consumption is food. And animal products are not only very water intensive, they cause a big number of problems. The rain forrests are burned down to plant soybeans and animals get antibiotics frequently which causes antibiotic resistance. (there are of course more examples)
    I think if everyone would eat a little less meat and maybe switched to plant based milk it would make a big difference.
    (Nina from Germany)