7. Affordable and clean energy

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    My opinion about it...

    Energy is one of the challenges facing the world today, it is necessary for many facets of our life and jobs today.
    Nowadays, people don't care about all the energy we spend from time to time at home, at work, etc., the world cares more about getting a new product than looking for something necessary to change our situation and look for new ways of sustainable and clean electricity for the environment.
    -MARINA P.


    Working on this goal is important because it is linked to other sustainable development goals.
    Thinking about access to clean energy that benefits everyone and the use of renewable energy through new economic and labor opportunities is necessary to create more sustainable cities and combat problems such as climate change.
    Today, many people do not have access to safe kitchens and are exposed to levels of air pollution, they use gas stoves instead of using a fully electric one, which they cannot afford.
    -MARINA P.

    It's not just about not contaminating I

    All goals are related to each other, in this case, the fact that we all have and can use renewable energy, will help the development of countries, and it can partially curb climate change, which will protect marine and terrestrial ecosystems. -Blai Moya i Viola

    It's not just about not contaminating II

    Non-renewable energys, bring wars and social problems, especially in underdeveloped countries, and this will increasingly increase; prices will rise, and the rate of people without energy will be higher. We have to change the way we produce energy, at the beginning it can be economically expensive for companies, but when we have the machinery to produce renewable energy, it will be cheaper to produce than the non-renewable one; this will also create many
    work sites of different types, and safer than many of those in the coal or oil industry. To make it possibles, I think governments must give aid to businesses that produce energy from renewable sources or increase taxes on the most polluting ones, giving them a margin time. -Blai Moya i Viola

    Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

    Energy is central to most of the major challenges and opportunities the world faces today.
    Solar, water and wind power are called clean and renewable energy, because they don't pollute the world and they are endless.
    If they don't harm the planet, than why aren't we using them?
    Well, it costs a fortune building infrastructure that is able to capture or produce energy from the Sun ,wind and water, however, I'm sure that in the future, everyone will have the opportunity to use renewable energy instead of coal and fossil fuels and slowly, pollution and greenhouse emissions will come to an end.(Alice.it)

    My opinion about renovable energys

    Currently the resources are very competitive, reaching the point of having wars over the resources. It is important that we start using resources more sparingly and that we start using more renewable energy.We need to use resources like oil, natural gas and coal more sparingly and start using wind, solar, energy, among others.

    Renewable Energy

    We found this video interesting because it speaks precisely of renewable energies. At this moment the life of our planet is in our hands.
    (beatriz c. ; beatriz a. ; contança b.)

    In my opinion

    Environmental and economic benefits of using renewable energy include: Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution. Diversifying energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels.(Emirhan Yeşilçay,Turkey)


    I think one of the most important goals in this project is affordable and clean energy.Because fossil fuel sources in the world are running out quickly.If this continues,oil,natural gas and coal resaurces will be exhausted in 21st century.Non renewable energy pollute air,soil and water,cause acid rains and global warming.Countries will fight each other for energy when these resources are exhausted.But renewable energy sources does not pollute nature and unlimited.Renewable energy sources are 5 types as solar energy,wind energy,hydroelectric energy,geothermal energy and biomass energy.We should increase the use of renewable energy sources for a cleaner world and energy.(Furkan Torun,TURKEY)