IV. Let me show you something (7th April)

  • Finally, we've reached the end of our project. Or, at least, we're close!

    Please share in the TwinBoard below the link to your poster/ video. We're looking for seeing all of them!

    As in the previous steps, remember to upload them as well to your group's folder in Materials > Files.

    Please name them using the suggested coding (Country + group number + Title_type of document; e.g. Sp1.1_fisheries_poster)


    The best works will be selected and presented in a live event on the 15th of April, Wednesday, at 1pm.

    [link and more details coming soon]

  • Interactive posters/ videos showing our results

    Iceland-group15-weatger video

    Her you can see the resulst from (group 15) Iceland and Slovenia weather comparison

    Sp2_5_Betulaceae family biodiversity_poster

    Hello everyone! Here is the poster we made about our investigation (Betulaceae family).
    We hope you like it!

    Andrea, Irati, Laura and María

    Sp1_3_urban birds_poster

    Hi everyone! This is the result of our research, we hope you like it!
    We are Carmen, Laura, Leire and Naiara from Spain.


    Alba Arraiza, Marta Aristu, Aroa Ayerbe y Leyre Aldaz


    Hi everyone!
    Here you have our poster, comparing the different species cultivated in Spain, Slovenia and Iceland with the soil composition. It has been a pleasure working together!

    Isabel, Pablo, Ángel and Silvia

    Sp1_1 urban birds_poster
    Willow poster

    Hello everybody! Here you can se our poster about willows and where we can found it. We hope you enjoy it!
    Samuel Sevilla, Daniel Payá, Hector Torre and Joaquin Vinacua


    Here you have the poster we have made Iarti, Ayeisa Miriam and Xabi about orchard biodiversity in Spain, Slovenia and Iceland.
    We hope you like it.


    Iñigo, Iker, Rubén y Sandra

    Spain-group 8-SP2-7-Trout and Climate Change-poster

    Marina Andrés
    Pablo Hualde
    Asier Arroniz
    Santi Fernández

    Iceland - Group 3 - Weather.

    Here is the video from group 3 in Iceland. It´s about the weather comparison from Iceland (Akranes)🇮🇸 and Slovenia (Občina Medvode)🇷🇸.

    Iceland-group14-weather comparison presentation video.

    Her you can see the results from (group 14) Iceland and Slovenia weather comparison.
    Unfortunately we did not receive any information from Spain and Slovenia, so we took information from Spain in group 1 and Slovenia in group 11.


    Nadia Kostadinova, Gorka Labiano, Irati López Goñi and Nerea Sáenz


    Hi everyone! Here you have our poster. We are Iván, Javier, Javier and David from Spain.

    Sp- Group-6-SP2-3 - Weeping willow poster

    Ana Estrada
    Julen Fuentes
    Martina Ciordia
    Beatriz Ciriza


    Hi everyone, we are Dunia Lara, Marta López, Lucas Iriarte and Juan Esparza and we are so excited to show you our poster, we hope you find it useful, instructive and interesting!

    Spain-group 7-SP2_6-Orchard_common-poster

    Asier Ganuza
    Jaime Gabarre
    Julen Guembe
    Ione Echeverría


    Marina Mendoza
    Sandra Barrios
    María Urricelqui
    Lucía Velasco


    Hi! It's Alda, Ragnhildur and Rósa from Iceland. We are group 8 and hope you enjoy our video about the weather in Iceland and Slovenia!

    SP2-8-The trout reproduction

    Flamariquei. Galera X, Gericó A

    Group 8_SP2-10-Similar size of trout´s in Spain, Slovenia and Island-poster

    Pablo Eransus Barber, Iciar Gómez de Segura y Luis, Javier Garciandía Igal

    Slovenija-group 14-Weather


    G6-SP2-2 Willow
    Lenght and azimuth of the shadows

    Hi everyone! Here are the resulst from group 6 from Slovenia (lenght and azimuth of the shadows) and Spain and Iceland comparison. Hope you like it!

    Slovenija-group 13-weather in Kópavogur Iceland

    We are group 13 from Slovenija and here you can see our
    presentation that we made with the help of a group from Iceland.
    Greetings from Slovenija!
    Ana Ocvirk, Nelli Hrovat, Nika Pogačnik, Kaja Kostantino, Maja Demšar, Maša Cvetko

    Iceland - Group 6 - Weather

    This is our results from the weather project.
    Ásdís Birna Bjarnadóttir
    Friðgerður Auðunsdóttir
    Sunna Kristín Gunnlaugsdóttir

    SLO_5_temperature and luminosity

    Hello everyone!
    Here is our poster that we made about the volume of sound in different places in different countries.

    Group 7: Nina Krajnc, Leja Grilc, Marja Čendak; Lara Colja, Teja Bernik

    Iceland group 1 weather video

    Here is our presentation about the weather observation

    Slovenia-group 15-Weather comparison with Iceland_poster

    Hi everyone!
    These are the results of our reasearch. We hope you enjoy our poster.
    Beti Brvar, Jan Vidrih, Larisa Peterlin, Saša Pivk, Tajda Štupar, Urška Cujnik

    Slovenia-group4-Sunrise and sunset

    Hi everyone! These are the results of our research, we hope you like it!
    We are Evita, Lara, Manca, Petra, Aljaž and Kristina from Slovenia (group 4).


    Hi everyone!
    This is the result of our research. We hope you'll like it!
    Group 2 from Slovenija


    Here can you see the results form group 9.

    Katja Šuštaršič, Lena Zorman, Julija Poljanec, Ana Manca Ruparčič, Laura Ilovar

    Slovenia-group 8-Wind speed

    Hy. These are the results of our research about wind speed in 3 different countries. Enjoy! Ula, Tinkara, Marija, Klavdija, Neža

    Slovenia- Group 11 - Weather_ppt

    Here you can see the results from (group 2), Iceland, Slovenia and Spain's weather comparison.

    Slovenia group 12 - SOUND

    Made by : Sanja Ivančević, Liza Ivić, Sara Jovič, Maša Žičkar, Tia Kovačič

    Iceland - Group11 - weather measurements presentation

    Here is a Powerpoint presention with the results from the weather comparisons between Iceland, Spain and Slovenia.

    Iceland - Group 13 - Video presentation

    A video presentation about our weather research

    Iceland - Group 4 - Weather

    This is our results from the weather project in power point file with audio.
    Karen Sif, Rósmarý Bergmann and Sara Birgitta.


    Our weather findings :)

    Weather Obeservations Group 10 Iceland