Recording and sharing


    Now it's time to give and receive.

    Use your group's folder in Materials - Files to upload:

    - the form you've designed for gathering the data + any support document you want your partners to consider

    - your contribution to your fellows' data sheets

    Always name all your files using this code: Country initial + Group number + question title + document type (e.g. Sp1_weeping willows_data sheet)


    We strongly suggest you use a collaborative document (Google Sheet, Google docs...) that everyone with the link can edit. This will make things much easier.


    Note: the question and the support documents are the same for all the Icelandic groups. You'll find the docs in the folder (Iceland - for all the groups)

     The three files that go with the recording are:




    Tips on how to collect and organize data (download the file)

    Also link the complete datasheet to the TwinBoard below. It'll be much nicer to see how our collaborative project grows!




  • Our shared results

    Slo_group4_Biodiversity in local fisheries (Slovenia)
    GROUP 7_Volume of sound done by Spain: Eslovenia
    GROUP7_Weather done by Spain: Iceland
    SP_2_5_Weather assigment_data sheet for Iceland
    Sp_2_5_moon phases_datasheet.docx for Slovenia
    Sp_3_Temperature:sunny and shady places_data sheet for Eslovenia
    Sp3_Weather (Iceland)
    Group 6 - weather from Slovenia
    Slo_5_willow_phenology (results)
    Group 2_slo_biodiversity of the Betulaceae family
    Group 6 - Willow data from Slovenia
    Slo_group2_weather (Iceland)
    Ice_group14_The big dipper_resaults
    slo_GROUP 15 Weather assignment for Iceland
    Weather from Slovenia - Group 14