• The project

    In the project "science across Europe" students will have to cooperate to explain several phenomena that vary with latitude.
    Students will work on observations and the collection, exchange, and evaluation of scientific locally dependent phenomena.

    Important data:
    26th Feb - Introduce yourself
    10th March - Pose your questions
    22nd March - collect data
    7th April - analyze them and create an interactive poster to explain the phenomenon you've been studying to all the rest


    The teachers

    Svava Pétursdóttir is an assistant professor at the School of Education (University of Iceland).

    Jerneja Pavlin is an assistant professor of physics education at the Faculty of Education (University of Ljubljana) in Slovenia.

    Assistant professor Maria Napal works in the Department of Sciences at the Universidad Pública de Navarra in Spain, together with Maribel Zudaire, Izaskun Jorajuría, Iraide Ongay and Julia Ibarra.

    They all teach the science and didactics of science pre-school teachers.


    Our institutions

    Now, it would be great to know all of you! Let's introduce ourselves in the next page, "Nice to meet you"