‘‘ART - Augmented Reality in Tourism‘‘ (pupils‘ final products with creative solutions to boost partners‘ local niche tourism)

  • During our wonderful exchange, students from all partner countries were involved in creating beautiful 3D models. 


    What did we do? 

    The students downloaded the Microsoft Education version of Minecraft: https://education.minecraft.net/de-de/get-started/download

    If you want to turn the Microsoft models into a real augmented reality, you need Areeka as a program: 

    One creates an Areeka Studio profile on the following page: https://studio.areeka.net/#/home. After that you can insert the 3D models. 




    1. Bulgaria: 

    The following RESULTS from Bulgaria have been achieved by Svetoslav and his team on Romanian students (in exchange with all countries): 


    The following models are available as RESULTS as 3D files. An implementation in Areeka works as follows, as our first Austrian coordinator Thomas explains in a Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhEPl0wckDM. In this video you can watch general work progress of students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYC1T9Kn8rk.


    2. Romania

    The student Cristian from Romania organized with his team of students the construction of pottery from Cluj. Together with international students, this wonderful result was achieved: 




    3. Portugal: 

    Tiago was very motivated in Portugal and was able to realize the following bridge in the international exchange: 





    4. Austria

    The Austrian students were able to build a typical Viennese coffee house. The Kaffee Central in Vienna will be happy about the results: 



    5. Italy 

    The buildings from Lodi (an organic farm) and Greece (Lake Kerkini) were completed especially by our ambitious students Nikolo (Italy) and Xronis (Greece) in cooperation with all partner countries and students from local schools. 


    One of the Italian students designed an extra extension to our project that put the icing on the cake of our work: 

    An extra interactive museum with the organic farm was created: 



    This ist the farm CASCINA BORDONAZZA   in OSSAGO LODIGIANO we were building to support their local tourism. This farm is famous for organic food. 



    6. Greece: 

    From Greece we built the beautful Kerkini Lake we saw during C3: 



    Here we can see a meeting, how we exchanged internationally: 




    We reported about our great results e.g. on the Austrian school homepage: 


    Have fun with our innovative AR results!