MODULE III – Virtual Reality in Tourism

  • Virtual reality / VR

    Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that allows you to experience a different reality, using a special headset (VR glasses) and 3D sound. A VR video is a better marketing and business tool than a regular video because it generates up to 6 times more views; 7 times more shares on social networks; it has a much stronger impact on the audience and is an innovative technology that is a promising way to communicate in the future.

    What are the benefits of using virtual reality for hotels and restaurants?

    • many times more attractive visual experience;

    • promotion of reservations;

    • effective way to inform and impress the client;

    • a complete walk of the guests around every corner of the site from anywhere in the world;

    • the brand more easily remains in the mind of the customer;

    • an innovative way to set the brand apart from the competition;

    • opportunity to watch the video online and on-site;

    • use of computer graphics (CGI) to add non-existent objects and achieve attractive visual effects.

    VR glasses are a much more attractive way for hotel or restaurant guests to see everything on offer. It is possible to take a virtual walk from the spa to the tennis court, the offered excursions and places to visit around the hotel or the restaurant, while the guests relax comfortably in their rooms or in the special branded VR corner on the site. Computer graphics (CGI) can recreate future innovations, services, repair parts on this site or others in the chain before they are built, encouraging guests to make early reservations.