Share your ideas, and provide concrete suggestions, about how AR can boost your local niche tourism

  • This is a concrete suggestion about how AR can boost local landmarks, targeted ones or as parts of niche tourism. Students create models of those landmarks improved by suggested mixed reality components. They serve as ART-Augmented Reality in Tourism. Pupils’ final products will be creative solutions to boost partners’ local tourism.

    How does it actually work?

    Step 1: Students rebuild local landmarks in Minecraft Education

    Step 2: Students implement those landmarks to the AR program Areeka. This program allows students to see the landmarks with VR glasses or simply with their mobile phone.


    Step 1: Concrete indications:

    1. Students that are interested in participating can be added from all partner countries. Experts and newcomers are welcome. Just sent the mail-addresses to A participation is not mandatory. Austrian experts would be glad to work together with students from other countries.

    Students can create the landmarks in a big international group managed by Austria OR they can start in small groups in their home countries. Local coordinators can decide that.

    1. Microsoft Accounts are required.
    2. Students should download Download | Minecraft: Education Edition.
    3. In this program there is a tutorial of Minecraft for newcomers.
    4. Every country selects one landmark they prefer to be built.
    5. Students start to build.


    Step 2: Concrete indications:

    1. When finished with the built landmarks they can be integrated to Areeka (Areeka: Augmented Reality erweckt Bildung zum Leben). In small workshops held by our Austria students, children from our partner countries will learn how to finish this integration. A short youtube video shows how students work progresses: (38) Areeka Augmented Reality Education Workshop - YouTube


    Some examples of final products of Prohodnas Cave in Bulgaria: