How to use social media to promote your newly set-up tourist company?

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    Virtual tours have risen in popularity in recent months, largely due to
    COVID 1 9. While they have been around for years, social dis tancing and stay at home orders around the globe have made virtual tools an essential element of real estate. Really, 3D tours may have become just as popular
    without coronavirus on the scene indeed they have been on the rise for some time
    nevertheless, one thing seems certain: virtual tours are here to stay.
    That’s a good thing, since 3D virtual tours are loved by buyers, sellers, and agents alike.
    Companies have been working tirelessly to produce products that agents can use to market and sell homes faster and at higher prices . Virtual tour technology has also become more accessible, putting powerful tools within reach of any marketing budget.
    Some agents choose to hire a professional 3D virtual tour service that employs the latest and best in 3D camera and editing technology. Others opt to scan homes with their iPhone . With all of the choices available, it only seems natural to offer virtual tours as part of your marketing mix.
    Social media sites, the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitt er, Clubhouse , YouTube, LinkedIn, and others all offer opportunities to showcase a home with a virtual tour. Matterport’s teaser videos, included with every digital twin , are a great way to show off the best parts of a 3D tour through your social media channels. You can also feature a virtual tour in your social media ads.
    When y ou include 3D home tours on your business website, you accomplish several things. For one, virtual tours make for quality content for your site’s vis itors. 360 degree photos and videos on a website significantly increase traffic and produce higher engagement rates. That is good for your
    visitors and it is good for you, since Google recognizes when your content is relevant and useful.
    As a result, Goo gle boosts your site’s rankings in the search results.
    Embed a tour on your homepage or create a landing page to which you can send customers from other places in your marketing campaigns.
    Publish a virtual tour of your business on Google Street View
    When people search for products and services on the internet, frequently they turn to mapping products, like Google Maps. If you want consumers to engage with your business, you need to have a solid search listing for your business. One way to accomplish t hat is to add a virtual tour of your
    own office to Google Street View so that your business is recognized and promoted in your market showing up in search results, on Google Maps, on your Google Plus page, and your Google local page. When you do, you control the content that appears when people see your business online.
    And a 3D virtual walkthrough of your business gives you a stronger presence tha n a simple photograph or panorama.
    Send virtual tours through email
    Email campaigns, as you well know, allow you to maintain tighter control over who receives your messages than, say, YouTube or Instagram might. While you usually cannot embed a virtual tou r in an email, you can create a thumbnail image with a link and share the tour with whomever you like.
    Or, place the thumbnail in your email signature and include a tour link in every email you send.