Introducing 3D mapping

  • MP-STUDIO, found in 2008, is a cutting-edge visual effects company, specialised in 3D Projection Mapping and Visual Effects for every circumstance – from cultural events to advertising. The Bulgarian team of 10 professionals are pioneers in 3D Projection Mapping and took part in numerous international projects worldwide.

    You can get a better impression of their amazing work by opening the following link:


    Cluj-Napoca (Romania) is considered to be the Silicon Valley of Europe. It offers an IT Cluster and vast opportunities for IT companies and professionals.

    Here is just a small proof of how 3D mapping and videos can entertain the community but also bring people together: 

    In 2018, on the occasion of celebrating 100 years since the Great Union, Mindscape Studio teamed up with Why Not, Apart Productions, At Last and created a multimedia show for Cluj-Napoca: The Heart Of Transylvania. The client was the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca.
    Therefore, on the 1st of December 2018, they presented a 40 minutes multimedia show that involved the creative direction, production and coordination of the event, 3D animation, illustration, lighting design, acrobatics, live music interpretation, technical implementation, video mapping and pyrotechnics.

    A short video of the event can be watched here: