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    Itinerary in countryside

    Romanian Wonders: The Danube Delta

    The second-largest delta in Europe, the Danube Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage site hosting over 300 species of birds as well as 45 freshwater fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes. It is a haven for birdwatchers, lovers of wildlife and fishers, and one of the best spots for a quiet vacation.

    Romanian Wonders: the Mud Volcanoes

    Pâclele Mari Mud Volcanoes

    Pâclele Mari is one of the main mud volcanoes sites in the Land of Buzău (Ținutul Buzăului), in southeastern Romania. The mud volcanoes are volcano-shaped structures created by the eruption of mud and natural gases, from almost 3 km deep. The gases that erupt get mixed with water, salt or clay and end up creating a lunar-like landscape, where vegetation is scarce. This video was produced by Ținutul Buzăului Association, which works to promote the area according to principles such as sustainable development, civic involvement, education, and environment protection.

    Romanian Wonders: Retezat National Park

    This is the first national park established in Romania, in 1935. It has a high number of mountain peaks of over 2,000 meters and is home to the largest glacial lake in Romania, Bucura. The area shelters an old-growth forest and a flora of over 1000 plant species. Wolves, brown bear, wild boar, Eurasian lynx, European wildcat, chamois, roe deer and red deer, as well as small carnivore species such as Eurasian badger and Eurasian otter can be found in the park.

    Romanian Wonders: Cluj-Napoca City

    Until we see each other here, in May 2022, we are happy to welcome you on a virtual tour in our beautiful city. Live to walk, walk to live! :)

    Romanian Museums: The National Art Museum in Bucharest

    Virtual tours of the National Museum of Art of Romania, Art Collections Museum, K.H. Zambaccian Museum, and Theodor Pallady Museum are available for those who prefer to visit the museums from the confort of their homes.

    The National Museul of Art of Romania
    Virtual tour of the Romanian Medieval Art Gallery (requires Adobe Flash)
    Virtual tour of the Romanian Modern Art Gallery (requires Adobe Flash)
    Virtual tour of the European Art Gallery (requires Adobe Flash)

    The Art Collections Museum
    Virtual tour of Wing A of the Art Collections Museum (requires Adobe Flash)
    Virtual tour of Wing B of the Art Collections Museum (requires Adobe Flash)
    Virtual tour of Wing C of the Art Collections Museum (requires Adobe Flash)

    K.H. Zambaccian Museum
    Virtual tour of the K.H. Zambaccian Museum (requires Adobe Flash)

    Theodor Pallady Museum
    Virtual tour of the Theodor Pallady Museum (requires Adobe Flash)

    Romanian Museums: The National Village Museum in Bucharest

    The National Village Museum Bucharest, Romania
    360° 4K VR Experience
    with English audio

    virtual museum in Romania

    alexia suciu

    Virtual tours of Romania’s natural wonders

    Daria Beșe

    The Virtual Museum in Downtown Bucharest

    Beșe Daria

    Virtual museum of History

    The Virtual Museum is a project of the National Museum of History of Romania that presents in a virtual way the main exhibition of MNIR (Historical Treasure, Lapidarium, Trajan's Column) It was designed both for those who failed to enjoy these exhibitions and for those who would be happy to see them again at any time.
    Ema Calian

    National Museum of the Romanian Peasants

    The National Museum of the Romanian Peasants (Romanian: Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român) is a museum in Bucharest, Romania, with a collection of textiles (especially costumes), icons, ceramics, and other artifacts of Romanian peasant life. One of Europe's leading museums of popular arts and traditions, it was designated "European Museum of the Year" for 1996.
    Padurean Miriam

    Virtual Museum

    Antonia Morar

    Virtual Museums

    Here are some virtual museums from Romania. It's a great and fascinating experience, something I haven't tried before.
    Iulia Muresan

    National art museum of Romania-virtual tour

    This impressive art museum from Bucharest can even impress art lovers who sit on their sofas with laptops on their laps, providing an informative virtual tour of the building

    Cotroceni National Museum

    For the curious people who would like to see the halls where the president walks, the museum's website gives the opportunity to visit it virtually

    Virtual Museum – Tutrakan, Bulgaria

    If you want to experience the rich history of Tutrakan – the pearl of the Danube – take your virtual tour right now...

    Varna - 101 years since the official proclamation of the city as a seaside resort

    Explore Varna with a 360° virtual tour to learn more about the capital of the Bulgarian seaside – a favourite holiday destination for many Europeans.

    Tryavna Virtual Tours

    Tryavna is one of Bulgaria’s most enchanting Renaissance towns. The original settlement dates back as far as 1565, and both the Thracian and Romans have inhabited the area, but, from the Eighteenth Century, it has flourished as a trading and cultural hub which is still very evident today.

    Bulgaria's National Museum of Military History
    Bulgaria's Earth and Man National Museum
    Bulgaria's National Museum of Natural History
    Regional Historical Museum in Sofia
    Bulgaria's National Art Gallery
    Bulgaria's National History Museum
    Bulgaria's Lovech Boasts Europe's First Virtual Museum of Water

    Following a restoration with EU funds and preservation of its authentic appearance, the old Deli Hamam bath in the Varosha quarter of Lovech, Bulgaria, now houses the unique water museum. Visitors can observe through a special glass how the hypocaust - the ancient underfloor heating system - functioned. Thanks to the most contemporary audio-visual technology installed in the building, the visitors can learn many interesting “water” facts through the multimedia products, which were specially designed for this purpose. The guests are shown programmes and movies about the history of the bath, about water as the liquid of life and a fundamental factor for the existence of life on Earth as well as the history of Lovech from the ancient times to the present.