Make your own learning diary

  • Padlet is a great tool for creating a learning diary.

    When creating a padlet, a very important aspect is the careful selection of a template! We would deeply recommend SHELF; no matter how large the content may be, it is easily stocked in the dedicated columns (whose position in the layout could be alternated, too).


    • Explore the options there (upload your own photo as a background, etc);
    • Name your columns like this:  
    • Don't forget to press SAVE when you create each column;
    • Press the + button below the column to create a subpage;
    • Name the subpages of each column as shown in the exemplary padlet above.  Their places are changeable; drag them (beneath the column) to place them in their right position.

    You've  made it! WELL DONE! 

    You can now see the results (aka the padlets created by the participating students) on the dedicated page: