Design a model of a targeted tourist attraction, improved by suggested mixed rality components

  • Our work of making models was devided in two steps: 


    Step 1: Minecraft (Virtual Reality) 


    The students downloaded the Microsoft Education version of Minecraft: and created models of


    1. a farm near Lodi with organic food (Cascina Bordonazza)

    2. Lake Kirkini in Greece

    3. a Vienna coffeehouse (Kaffee Central)

    4. pottery from Cluj (handmade)

    5. famous bridges in Amarante (Portugal) as an examble of the beautiful architecture

    6. Prohodna Cave in Lovech


    Step 2: Areeka (Augmented Reality with the cell phone) 

    If you want to turn the Microsoft models into a real augmented reality, you need Areeka as a program: 

    One creates an Areeka Studio profile on the following page: After that you can insert the 3D models. 

    An implementation in Areeka works as follows, as our first Austrian coordinator Thomas explains in a Youtube video: In this video you can watch general work progress of students: