• Erasmus day in Tinka was announced on the local radio station and local TV channel. Here are the links:


    Erasmus day invitation was displayed on the school webpage:

    The students really enjoyed various maths games, such as T-Matik, QR code treasure hunt where they didn't only learn some maths facts, but also many geographical facts about the countries some of them had already been to: Germany and Portugal. They also learned some new words in Polish, German and Portuguese. Finally, films were made about the whole Erasmus Day activities and the undertaken mobilities as well.


    Evaluation sheet:

    Element of assesement




    I enjoyed today's activities


    I liked the variety of workshops


    I find maths to be difficult


    I would like to repeat Erasmus Day



    The local newspaper wrote an article about us, project activities and Erasmus Days in Tinka as well. Here is the link to it:

    In the ppt you can see the evaluation results: 

    Erasmus+ dan.pptx