• The second project mobility which included students led us to a beautiful Portuguese town Peniche from May 11 to May 17, 2019. Before we even started our adventure, our seventh-graders: Mia Breber, Ana Jerković, Nina Kovač, Patrik Glavaš, Filip Lech and Matko Romić Jorgić and our 2 teachers I. Kovač and M. Jerković were really excited and nervous at the same time for several reasons. The students have never flown in a plane before and they have never travelled by underground too. That's why some basic words in Portuguese were learned and a procedure about boarding the plane was introduced to the students before the trip. Furthermore, our students have never stayed at the foreign family so they were anxious if they would have a good time. But from the moment the students met their hosts, they were thrilled about their hospitality and their kindness. 

    Pleasant moments spent with our new friends from Portugal, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and their students were also accompanied by the warm, sunny weather. We had some getting-to-know-each-other games on the beach, explored this cosy fishermen's town solving interesting maths exercises, had fun with SuperTmatik and Khan Academy classes, visited Lisbon, the capital city and also found out the connection between the art and maths in the museum exhibition. Both students and teachers were introduced with the navigational instruments and the function of the lighthouse. 

    Nevertheless, the best part for all was definitely the surfing lesson. After we had been instructed what to do to stay on our surfing board, we will definitely not forget the feeling of getting on the wave at least for a second.

    Finally we spent an unforgettable evening on the farewell party where we all cried our hearts out and made friendships which will last long.

    Since people say that one picture reveals more than thousand words, you can see for yourself:

     After the mobility students held a short presentation for their classmates about their staying in Portugal: 

    matko i pačo ERASMUS+.pptx