CLIL methodology

  • On November 13, 2019 a teacher training was organised online where Mirjana Jerković and Hanna Turek gave an overview on what CLIL means, what benefits it brings to both students and teachers and gave some examples on how to integrate it in everday classes. Teacher Turek also shared her good practice examples on how to use CLIL in the maths class. 

    The materials from the conducted CLIL lessons (numbers and calculating in English during the maths lessons with the 4th-graders in Primary school "Tin Ujević") as well as some photos are uploaded in the folder CLIL in the Materials section of the project Twinspace. If interested, you can take a look here as well.

    Unfortunately, the lessons planned with the 2nd- and 6th-graders had to be cancelled due to pandemic and the lockdown: safety measures didn't allow us to let different teachers in the classrooms. 

    clil maths.pptx



    hanna My CLiL lessons1.ppt


    clil maths 4thgrade.docx