• From 21st to 26th October 2019, teachers Mirjana Jerković and Ljerka Vugerniček Surla, as well as the 7th- and 8th-graders of elementary school "Tin Ujević" Sara Sigeti, Lana Kordić, Matej Rumbak, Tomislav Banovac, Josipa Janc and Domagoj Mohnacki represented Croatian team in Nova Dedinka, Slovakia.  Needless to say, students and teachers from Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Poland and our Slovakian hosts also participated in the project activities.

    Those were six wonderful days in which the students visited Bratislava, the place of Nova Dedinka, explored the old castle Devin above the Danube, enjoyed the project workshops, experienced the canoeing along the river Cernica and built up the team spirit, made close friendships and even some love feelings were born.  

    All the participants were well taken care of and looked after by the hosting students and their kind parent. With a lot of laughter, cheering, songs, games, socializing and eventually tears, the time in Slovakia passed quickly.

    Here are the students’ impressions of the time spent in Slovakia:

    Sara Sigeti - Slovakia is a beautiful country with many castles which have an interesting history and  wonderful people worth visiting. The capital Bratislava is a large city with many cultural sights.

    Lana Kordić - Nova Dedinka, Slovakia is a small village with many interesting places and really nice people. Slovakia is a beautiful country and I want to visit it again.

    Domagoj Mohnacki - Slovakia is a beautiful country, I would like to visit it again and see more of its culture. During our stay in Nova Dedinka I enoyed the events. The thing I noticed is that we have different kinds of juice; for me personally, Slovakian juice is too sour or almost not sour at all.

    Josipa Janc - Slovakia is a very beautiful country and I would like to visit it again and see it for myself. My favorite thing from Slovakia is the chocolate. I really enjoyed it. I recommend everyone to visit Bratislava and Nova Dedinka.

    Tomislav Banovac - Slovakia is a really nice country and I would like to visit it again. Nova Dedinka is really beautiful village and its people are really nice. I recommend everyone to visit Bratislava and Nova Dedinka.