(how we discovered Swedish "fika")

    During a three-day stay our teachers took part in education prepared by the Swedish project team. All the lessons were held in their school - a beautiful old building. 

    Day 1: All the participants were greeted by a mayor/teacher :-) And then we enjoyed "fika". Swedish teacher Anikka presented us with the way she uses Geogebra and Google sgheets. It was interesting to see that our favorite maths app (Geogebra) is also used by our partners. 

    The language teacher showed us how they use Google classroom and a programme called Ewise in their work. Edwise reminded us of eDnevnik, a Croatian programme for digital monitoring. After interesting lessons, our hosts took us on a tour in Norrköping. As it was dark earlier that we are used too, it was fascinating to see the Festival of lights.




    Day 2: Last nights tour was continued, this time in Söderköping.

    We are extremly grateful to Nina for having us in her home and preparing a Swedish fika for us all.

    Fully refreshed, we were ready to see how young Swedish students  learn how to program through games. The lessons/games conducted by students were really splendid, we learned a lot and enjoyed it very much.

    Just as we thought that things could not get better, Swedish team took us to the Visualiseringcenter in Norrköping. It was a really facinating experience and we felt like we fell in a sci-fi movie. 

     - the dome

    Day3: Lesson conducted by Johan took us back to our college days and reminded us how to programme a mathematicla text i LaTex, but also how to ease writing mathematical text i MS Office Word.

    The mobility in Sweden was very nicely organized, interesting and educational at the same time.