A short presentation on 1st October about the Erasmus+ projects taking place in the primary school Tin Ujević Osijek from 2018-2020 to the Parents council.

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    Erasmus corner and project banner




    Presentation of the project first activity

    During the Evening of Mathematics which took place on 6th December in our school, our students presented their work to parents and other students.

    Pinboard of the first activity

    During the competition hosted by our school, we have prepared a pinboard with project activities materials.







    Public exhibition "Maths Is Beautiful" May-June 2019



    Erasmus Day in Tinka - event for local community

    The pupils and teachers involved in the project activities and mobilities organized folk  dance workshops, online quizzes, games and short videos presenting their impressions, experience and gained knowledge to the interested members of our community: parents, younger students, students from other schools.

    Furthermore, after each mobility students prepared short presentations to their peers about what they had done, seen, learned and experienced during the project mobility. Here are some of them: 

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    matko i pačo ERASMUS+.pptx

    Slovakia students impressions.docx


    Training for teachers - Erasmus+ international program

    In January 2020 the training was organized in our school about the Erasmus+ program. Our school project coordinators, Ivana Kovač and Mirjana Jerković, gave some practical advice to their colleagues about how to apply, find suitable partners, carry out project activities and deal with the necessary documentation during the project. 

    Erasmus+ predavanje za UV


    Mobility in Sweden - Fika for Teachers' meeting in Croatia, February 2020

    After the joint staff training in Söderköping participant teachers from Primary school "Tin Ujević" Osijek prepared a typical "fika" for their fellow teachers in February 2020 pointing out some similarites and differences in Swedish school system, cultural characteristics, eating habits and customs of two countries. 

    The State Professional Meeting for the Teachers of Mathematics -Osijek, August 27 and 28, 2020 

    Dunja Kasač Krmpotić, Ivana Nenadić and Mirjana Jerković held two lectures during this professional meeting disseminating and describing the activities of the project as examples of good practice to Croatian maths teachers. 

    eTwinning National Quality Label - September 2020

    nacionalna oznaka kvalitete.pdf


    The Osijek-Baranja County Professional Meeting for the Teachers of English - Osijek, March 19, 2021

    Due to COVID 19 pandemic and the state lockdown the scheduled professional meeting in March 2020 was cancelled and the dissemination of the project activities was postponed for March 2021. The English teacher and project coordinator Mirjana Jerković conducted a presentation about the projects' benefits, final results and preparing and implementing virtual mobility instead of a real one.