As a part of the Erasmus+ KA 229 project "Don`t be afraid of math", from 11th March to 16th March 2019, we visited a town in Germany, Bad Harzburg and the school "Oberschule an der Deilich". Our 6th and 7th graders Tena Vajdić (6.a), Angelika Španić (6.b), Fabijan Babić and Lana Kordić from 7.a, Marija Ena Slivka (7.b), and Borna Maduna from the 7.c went on the 1st project mobility which involved students . They were accompanied by the maths teacher Dunja Kasač Krmpotić and English teacher Mirjana Jerković, who is also the project coordinator.

    Pleasant moments spent with our  new friends from Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden and their students could not be spoiled by the rainy, cold weather that accompanied us during our stay.

    Our hosts have shown us beautiful sights of Bad Harzburg, Goslar and Rammelsberg, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as the oldest exploited mine in the world, as well as the wonderful Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg.

    The students also attended maths lessons at the host school, calculated the height of medieval buildings in Goslar, made Plato's bodies, climbed the Harz mountain with the cable car and spent an unforgettable evening during their Talent Show. Nevertheless, the funniest part was the evening when all the participants cooked some of their national dishes. Croatian team prepared traditional Slavonian food: bread  with lard and paprika, sausages, bacon, potatoes and poppy seed and walnut cake rolls as a desert.

    Friendships made on this mobility will definitely last for a very long time... numerous hugs and even tears confirmed that on the departure day. A few photos will show better what it was like:






    Their impressions about the mobility in Bad Harzburg are displayed in our Erasmus corner: 

    After the mobility the students made and held short presentations in English for their classmates: 

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