• Before going to the german school, portuguese teachers prepared all the meeting points with their students and parents. This was our first experience with students going on Erasmus+ ! :) The mobility happened between 11th and 16th of March of 2019, in Bad Harzburg, Germany, in the Deilich School. There were five students involved: Sónia Serafim, Inês Marto, Mariana Machado, Matilde Veríssimo and Inês Carvalho, and three teachers also involved: Fátima Serrano, Paula Farto and Ricardo Fernandes.

    The experience was single and memorable for all the participants, who were involved in many activities, such as maths classes, visiting Rammelsberg mines, Goslar visit, measuring the heigh of the old buildings in Goslar (only with maths knowledge), workshop of platonic bodies, and construction and drawing of churches windows, with ruler and compass.

    Beside these activities, the portuguese team was involved in preparing an international dinner, with portuguese food to share with all the partners, and also participated in the final party of the last day, when we all said goodbye and received our certificates. We leave here the gratitude to the german school and of course, to all the german teachers and students, who received us very well. We also thank to all partners involved, as we learned so much with all of us.

    We leave here some of the words our portuguese students shared after the mobility to Germany:

    Sónia Serafim (7ºA): "This week we spent in Germany was very funny: we cooked, we played many games of different cultures, we visited monuments and museums of Germany, with our friends from Croatia, Poland, Germany, Slovakia and Sweden."

    Inês Marto (7ºB): "This last week in the Project "Don't be afraid of Math", was very pleasant, because we could know new people and cultures. I think this is a single opportunity and very rewarding."

    Mariana Machado (7ºC): "This week, with Erasmus+ project in Germany, it was an experience that I know it will stay for all my life! I loved  knowing traditions and culturef of another countries... It would be, without doubts, an experience I would try again."

    Matilde Veríssimo (7ºC): "In the last week we spent in Germany, I have lots of fun! We met new people from another countries with cultures totally different from ours. These day were uniques, and if you can have the opportunity, seize it!"

    Inês Carvalho (7ºD): "In this last experience in Germany, I had lots of fun! I think it was an experience that if it wasn't in the project, I could ever had. This week was very special and it was an experience that I would like to repeat. I liked so much to know the ohters cultures and traditions."