Robo-Wonderers is a project that implements the action STEM by the Greek National Support Service of eTwinning. The aim of this project is to introduce Educational Robotics with the fascinating learning of physics, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) in practice, without theories and unnecessary terminology, via analysis and problem-solv...


Project Robo-Wonderers was promoted in:

article about our project on school website at written by Andrej Szeleš (student taking part in this project)

Robo-Wonderers at School Website!

Please visit "Robo-Wonderers eTwinning" to find out more!



videos on youtube about our colloquy on 10th of May 2018 (Slovakia - Greece)

public slideshow about web tools used in this project

public video on youtube about eTwinning project Robo-Wonderers, made by Adam Šmelko - student participated in it
Our students have prepared their team reports concerning Robo-Wonderers. Download the team reports and see what they have wrote.

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