2nd Objective - Implementation (Deadline 13/05/2018)

  • Now that you have familiarized with the usage of Gears and Sensors it is time to implement your fantastic ideas, and try to create an “Intelligent Home”. 

    Your objective is to create something useful for an intelligent home. Use the knowledge you have gained during the previous objective and start constructing.

    Your 1st task for this objective is to come to an agreement with your collaborators on what devices/automations you will construct. Your team constructions must somehow be related (i.e. Team[SK] builds and automated garage door and Team[GR] builds the automated lights for the garage). Two different construction that can be combined in one.

    You must express your ideas using the tool IdeaFlip. Just click on your teams logo and use your google account to login. You will receive R 25 per team member for an idea. You can also stick a note next to somebody else’s saying that you agree with the idea if you run out short of ideas.

    Once your ideas are in the IdeaFlip, you have to conclude to the robots you will build (you can use faster communication channels, i.e. Messenger, for this) and stick two notes (1 GR and 1 SK), what you have decided to build (R 75 + R 75).

    P.S. Don’t forget to write your name into your Ideaflip stickers!

         Deadline Wednesday 25/04/2018 (for Ideas)        and        Thursday 26/04/2018 (for what you will build)     


    Your ideas created with the tool IdeaFlip:


    Your 2nd task is to implement your ideas. You must create the two devices/automations that you have decided as a team. For this objective, you needn’t take any photos of how to construct your robots. Only a video of how it works.

    Your salary for this objective will be 500 Robocoins for your team, as our investors, thanks to your efforts in Mission 2, formed a high opinion of you and the work you can do. But in order to fill your pockets, you have to:

    • Write ideas and your final decision what you will built (1st Task) [R 75 + R 75]
    • Build 2 robots/devices which are related and can be used in an Intelligent Home (Greek teammates from Gigo S4A and Lego, Slovak teammates from Lego)[R 100 + R 100]
    • Take videos of your constructions in action and share them with your teammates in the Google Drive Team Folder [R 75 + R 75]

         New Deadline Sunday 13/05/2018 06/05/2018 (for robots/devices)     

    You will have the chance to receive an extra R 100 if your idea is original and is not currently found in the market! 


    Announcement (21/05/2018)

    After discussion, your coordinators have decided to grant the extra R 100 to team Coderoids for their very good ideas.