5th Objective - Exhibition (Deadline 15/04/2018)

  • Robo-Wonderers, we are very pleased to see that you are growing to become young professionals, with the sense of responsibility, eager to collaborate and accomplish great things together.

    This weeks objective is about having fun and enjoying your work. In addition, you will have the chance to view all the work that has been done by all four Teams and listen to all of the songs/melodies synthesized by your constructions.
    We will give you the opportunity to earn more Robocoins by voting for the best presentation and implementation of the chosen songs/melodies of your choice. You cannot vote for your own team creation. You must give your vote to an opponent team.

    You will receive R 10 for you and your teams (vote for best presentation R 5 and vote for best music video R 5), plus, the team with the best presentation and the team with the best music video will receive R 200 for each category. The Robocoins for each category will be distributed as follows: 1st - R 200, 2nd - R 150, 3rd - R 100 and 4th - R 75.

    Note that: Votes with no names and double entries will not be taken into consideration!

    Don't forget to write your name and teamname, when you post your vote:

    Vote for the best robots presentation (not yours)


    And now, vote for the BEST robot
    (but not from your team!)
    Don't forget to write your name and teamname, when you post your vote:
    The best musical robots
    Robotechs (Slovakia)
    Robotechs (Greece)
    Coderoids (Slovakia)
    Coderoids (Greece)
    Artibots (Greece)
    Artibots (Slovakia)
    Mechanix (Slovakia)
    Mechanix (Greece)
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    Now that the deadline of this objective has been reached, take a look at how you devided the work in Objective 3 and what did you actually manage to accomplish.