1st Objective - Gears & Sensors (Deadline 22/04/2018)

  • You first task is to gain more knowledge on Gears and Sensors. Why are gears so useful? What can we do with Sensors? Can they be used to protect and make our houses safer and more comfortable? 

    You will have to investigate the usage of gears. Try to make simple construction (motors are not necessarily needed) and take videos of how they work (there is no limit to the number of constructions, but you must at least make 2 = 1GR + 1SK. The more videos you create the more Robocoins you will receive - R 50 per video). Then add these videos to the mindmap GoCongr (one node per video).

    • Team Robotechs - How to change (changing the angle) the direction of rotation?
    • Team Coderoids - How to increase/decrease the power/speed?
    • Team Artibots - How to create cranks and pistons?
    • Team Mechanix - How do the differential gears work? 

    Want to know how you can upload your videos in the GoConqr Mind Map? Visit the Mission 3 TroubleShooting Forum and watch the tutorial! You must also keep in mind that there is a 50 MB limit on the videos you can upload in GoConqr. Try to keep your videos low in MBytes when uploading! We suggest you use 640x480 Resolution (take a look at Mission 3 TroubleShooting Forum).

    login with email: robo-wonderers@mailinator.com and password: etwinningproject

    Mind Map created by Robo-Wonderers with GoConqr

    Next you must use the following tricider and write your ideas of how to use sensors in order to make our homes intelligent (what kind of sensor/s and their functionality). You must also comment on other Robo-Wonderers  ideas (pros and cons) and finally you can vote for your top idea/s (R 5 per idea, comment or vote and R 20 per person maximum).

    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask in the TroubleShooting forum for Mission 3.